Software as a human endeavor

Startifact is a software development company. Startifact believes software development is about more than just the code itself. The key to successful software development is to recognize that it is a human endeavor. Besides developing software for you, Startifact can do more: development consulting, coaching, and training are part of our mission to develop software for customers that is used, can evolve over time, and can be maintained.

Startifact focuses on the development of software in the agile Python programming language. Startifact has particular experience with the development of web applications. Startifact has extensive knowledge of software architecture, agile development practices and test-driven development.

Startifact has deep experience working with open source software and engaging with open source communities. Startifact considers its engagement with open source as very valuable, and can help your organization realize this value.

About Martijn Faassen

Startifact is owned and operated by Martijn Faassen. Working with Startifact means you will be working with Martijn. Who is Martijn?

Over the years, Martijn Faassen has been the founder of a number of open source software projects, the most well-known of which is probably the lxml XML library for Python. Martijn was also one of the core developers of the Silva content management system.

Martijn has been doing server-side web development for many years, using the Python programming language and Zope technologies. In 2006, Martijn was one of the founders of the Grok project, an agile web development framework that uses Zope Toolkit technologies.

In the last few years Martijn has been very engaged with client-side web development using the JavaScript language. One result of this was the creation of the Obviel project, a framework for structuring jQuery-based development. He also created Fanstatic, a server-based resource loader for Python-based web frameworks.

Besides his involvement as a developer, Martijn has also been a participant in the community in other capacities. From 2006 until early 2010, Martijn was a member of the board of the Zope Foundation, the last two years as chairman of the board. In 2002, Martijn Faassen was one of the initiators of the EuroPython series of conferences. Martijn was the keynote speaker at a number of conferences, including the German DZUG conference on Zope, and DjangoCon Europe 2011.

Martijn is familiar with a wide range of technologies and moreover has intuitions and experience about how they go well together. Martijn is a quick study and likes to learn new things too, though.


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